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Productions and Creative Teams

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I Know I Know I Know 

Southwark Playhouse

By Flora Wilson Brown

Director: Harry Tennison

Producer: Emily Oulton

The Straw Chair

Finborough Theatre

By Sue Glover
Director: Polly Creed
Set Designer: Alex Marker
Costume Designer: Carla Joy Evans
Assistant Director: Imy Wyatt Corner
Musical Director: Rori Hawthorn
Lighting Designer: Jonathan Chan

Soldier Tales

The Space

By Kevin Hanbury, Elaine Little, Paulo Gonçalves, Linda Spencer, Claire Hughes
Executive Director: Drew Paterson
Director: Phil Spencer
Lighting Designer: Catja Hamilton
Stage Manager: Brendan Cunningham


Pleasance Theatre

By Polly Creed
Director: Imy Wyatt Corner
Designer: Daisy Blower
Movement Director: Ruby Portus
Lighting Designer: Claire Childs
Stage Manager: Amy Hales


Arcola Outside

By Josh Merritt
Director: Nicky Allpress
Designer: Alys Whitehead
Illusion Consultant: Wayne Fox
Lighting Designer: Chuma Emenbolu
Stage Manager: Josie Fadani
Assistant Stage Manager: Brendan Cunningham


Pleasance Theatre

Devised and performed by Adelaide Waldrop, Brendan Macdonald and Eva Scott with Penelope Kellogg Winkler
Designer: Grace Venning
Producer/Lighting Designer: Caroline Christie
Stage Manager: Lee Silcock

I Have Heard You Calling in the Night 

Union Theatre

By Colm Gleeson and Will Bishop
Director: Sibylla Archdale Kalid
Lighting Designer: Catja Hamilton

A Big Ol' Laugh

Sheffield Crucible

Written and performed by Eva Scott
Director: Adelaide Waldrop
Stage Manager: Stuart Thomson
With support from Brendan Macdonald


White Bear Theatre

By Alex Bower
Director: Kayla Feldman
Composer: Arthur Sawbridge
Lighting Designer: Holly Ellis
Assistant Director: Shira Kaliski
Stage Manager: Miranda Hamill


Poplar Union and Warwick Arts Centre

By Gus Mitchell
Director: Eloïse Poulton
Composer: Georgine Lloyd-Owen


Poplar Union 

Sound Designer: Annie May Fletcher

Written and performed by Bryony Byrne
Director: Ben Target
Movement Director: Lucy Bishop
Lighting Designer: Lucy Adams

The Girl Of Ink and Stars

The Watermill

Based on the book by Kiran Millwood Hargrave
Adapted by Becca Chadder
Director: Heidi Bird
Designer: Frankie Gerrard
Associate Director: Mary-Jayne Russell de Clifford
Assistant Director: Matty Green
Lighting Designer: Lawrence T Doyle
Deputy Stage Manager: Isabelle Moore

Spike (Associate)

The Watermill

Sound Designer: Tom Marshall
By Nick Newman and Ian Hislop
Director: Paul Hart
Designer: Katie Lias
Composer: Tayo Akinbode
Lighting Designer: Rory Beaton
Associate Director: Robert Kirby
Movement Director: Anjali Mehra
Foley Consultant: Ruth Sullivan
CSM: Kerrie Driscoll and Cat Pewsey
DSM: Alice Barber
ASMs: Natalia Kheldouni & Natalie Toney
Sound Op: Stuart Thompson



By Abi Zakarian
Produced by 45North
Co-Directors: Emily Carewe and Jessica Rose McVay
Illustrations: Katie Gabriel Allen

Listen here:


Pleasance Theatre and CPT

Written and performed by Sophie Bentinck
Director and Co-Devisor: Noa Wagner
Designer: Erin Tse
Stage Manager: Grace Hans & Gusta Matthews
Assistant Stage Manager: Katy Ross

Death and Dancing 

King's Head Theatre

By Claire Dowie
Director: Eloïse Poulton
Designer/Lighting Designer: Clancy Flynn
Movement and Intimacy Director: Christina Fulcher
Assistant Director: Ella Murdoch
Stage Manager: Chloe Wilson

My Son's A Queer But What Can You Do?

Turbine Theatre (Associate)

Sound Designer: Tingying Dong
Written and performed by Rob Madge
Director: Luke Sheppard
Designer: Ryan Dawson Laight
Composer: Pippa Cleary
Lighting Design: Jai Morjaria
Projection Design: George Reeve
Deputy Stage Manager: Rosie Morgan
Sound No.1: Nathan Biggs

Skin Tight (Associate) 

Hope Theatre

Sound Designer: Cameron Moore

By Gary Henderson
Director: Max Kirk
Stage Manager: Josie Fadani

I Don't Know Why I'm Crying: A Multi-Media Drag Fantasia Based on Epidemiological Themes

Theatre Deli

Devised by Adelaide Waldrop, Brendan Macdonald
and Eva Scott
Designer: Grace Venning
Stage Manager: Grace Hans

Behind The Scenes: A Multi-Sensory Backstage Tour

Mowlem Theatre 

Creator / Lighting Designer: Ryan Stafford
Video Designer: Dan Denton

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