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I'm currently updating my Theatre Sound Design portfolio. Please check back soon.

Sound Design

Sound Design (including original music) for 'Ravenscourt' at Hampstead Theatre, Autumn 2022.

Sound Design / Composition

Each track was created in under an hour as part of a personal project to develop my production skills and style.

Short Compositions

A lockdown project, composed and produced with Ellis Bloom.


A multimedia project

Written by Abi Zakarian
Produced by 45North
Co-Directed by Emily Carewe

and Jessica Rose McVay
Illustrations by Katie Gabriel Allen

Explore the full project here:

“The sound design by Anna Short was excellent, especially the ambient noises that built the atmosphere. Coupled with illustrations by Katie Gabriel Allen, the design elements of FOUND are detailed and well thought out. Clearly a lot of hard work and dedication has gone into the piece.” – Theatre Weekly

“Each entry is accompanied by a photo or two that give the story a sense of location, helped, too, by Anna Short’s discreet sound design.” – The Reviews Hub

 “Another way that I am eased into this new theatre experience is by the sound design and illustrations by Anna Short and Katie Gabriel Allen, respectively.” – London Theatre Reviews

Digital Sound Design | 'FOUND'

'Why Do You Think You've Got No Friends?' by Emily Laing. Have a listen to some of the episodes I edited below.

Podcast Audio Editing

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